Monday, January 12, 2009

I've got no time!

So I know I have not blogged in forever. I haven't even been on line forever. I feel alright about it though, because I looked at a few other blogs and there are a lot of you that have not updated your blogs for a while.

My excuse is we have been looking at houses almost non stop. I told Michael that now is the time to buy and I want to do it this month! Interest rates are down, house prices are down and I am very ready to stop living out of boxes. I can't find things and I am going crazy looking. Living here was only going to be temporary, It's been 20 months now.

We have made three offers they are working themselves out. I think the Lord will steer us where he wants us. I feel so lucky to finally have the financing available to look at buying. It is such a dream to think of owning our own home! I am very excited. Wish us luck!

Something to think about

Something to think about

It's Coming!

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