Thursday, January 14, 2010


So Twilight opening night my sisters, mom and I all dressed up. We were the nerds that got just too into the movie. We had so much fun. Can you guess who Shasta, Veronica and I are dressed as? Kristi and my mom aren't in these pictures. I am still trying to get the whole group pictures. I did win the costume contest and recieved an awsome twilight t-shirt. Okay the t-shirt isn't that cool, but I did win it and as you all know everything better if it's won. Shasta was an awsome Rosalie, Veronica made a perfect Bella despite the fact that she didn't want to be Bella. Not pictured is Kristi, who was Alice and my mom was Esme, (and was upset about being the oldest vampire and the mother.) Samantha who was unable to make it and was being dragged against her will was going to were a shirt that said, "I'm Buffy." Oh and if you couldn't tell I was Victoria.

Something to think about

Something to think about

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